In-Clinic Regenerative Medicine Equipment System

Vetbiologics RegenMed Centrifuge

The RegenMed centrifuge is the perfect solution for your regenerative medicine applications and other clinical applications. Designed for everyday use, the RegenMed centrifuge offers many innovative features that make it the most complete centrifuge available. Its compact, space-saving design delivers reliable stem cell separations quickly and safely, making it the ideal centrifuge for veterinary clinics.

Vetbiologics Portable Clean Room Hood

The Vetbiologics 18” Wide Portable Clean Room Hood provides a compact and HEPA-filtered sterile work area which is ideal for stem cell processing in any environment. Product features include quiet operation, easy set-up, portability, reliability, and low maintenance operation. This positive-pressure system has been used with great success to provide the clean environment needed for stem cells. The use of a flow hood further ensures sterility and prevents veterinarians from having to mix antibiotics directly with the stem cells which research has shown can be toxic to stem cells.

Vetbiologics Incubator

The Vetbiologics incubator has superior temperature control and uniformity which is ideal for the Vetbiologics stem cell therapy process. The steel body construction provides for extreme durability.